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Sound Composites Ltd are a composites product manufacturer based in the UK specialising in Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre in the Automotive, Marine and Leisure industries.   

Sound Composites Ltd can carry out complete design through to plug-making, mould-making and manufacturing processes to realise your final composite product or support you at each stage throughout.

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“Elvis and I were time-served apprentices together and over the last twenty plus years I have gained my experience in the automotive and marine industries.

My knowledge lies in Plug-Making, Mould-Making and Tooling Design for various GRP and Plastic processes including open moulding and more complex tooling, such as RTM and Roto-Moulding, either by designing the product and tooling from concept using 2D/3D CAD Design software, or reverse engineering an existing part to suit the required process.”


“My career started as an apprentice Patternmaker and Toolmaker mainly working in the Industrial and Aerospace sectors, this career also introduced me to Fibreglass and GRP Mould-Making.  Shortly after completion of my apprenticeship, I moved on to begin work building Patterns and Tooling for GRP and Roto-Moulding products within the Automotive, Industrial and Marine industries. 

After a few years my toolmaking skills gave me the opportunity to move abroad and join the Construction sector for offshore Oil and Gas where I quickly moved through the ranks from the Machine shop to Mechanical then onto Commissioning where I managed multiple teams on multiple large and complex projects.  This gave me years of experience in Project Management and Leadership along with Safety and Risk Management. 

Throughout my 17 years in Oil and Gas Construction I never lost sight of the composites industry and remained in contact with colleagues including Paul, after many conversations and when the timing was right for us both we started Sound Composites Ltd.”

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