A plug is a form usually taking the shape of the required final product, we offer Plug-Making services for composite products.

Plugs can be made of a wide variety of materials or even an existing part when duplication is required such as when original tooling is lost or beyond repair.

Certain factors need to be considered when creating a plug in order simplify the moulding stage whilst still maintaining the desired final outcome.  

Quality products begin at the plug and could be considered the most important part of the composite product manufacturing process. 

We have a well equipped workshop in order to carry out our broad range of plug-making and pattern making skills.

Handmade Plugs

Our specialist Plug-Making and Pattern-Making skills together with our well equipped workshop and tool boxes enable us to make almost any size and shape plug required.  
Handmade plugs can be of a lower cost than machined plugs and have the added advantage of being built in position ensuring good fitment of the final product.

CNC tooling

We can offer design services for producing CAD models for machined tooling and have access to CNC machines for producing the tooling.
Machined tools can be of particular benefit when producing closed moulds such as those used for LRTM due to the work involved creating the required cavities.

Plug Modifications

If you already have an existing part or plug that requires repair or modification, we can carry out the required changes and prep the part for moulding.
Contact us for more information on our various options.

Pool Capping

At the request of the customer, Sound Composites Ltd developed a Non-Slip Capping system for their Heat-Form pools.  The briefing called for a sleek look with easy to assemble modular parts to replace the existing system.
With the design agreed a sample was made and approved and options for how the pieces mated together were discussed.  Once a method was chosen a Plug was produced and prepared for moulding, the client then took the Mould-Making and production to their in-house team.

For more information regarding our services or if you have a project of your own you would like to discuss please contact us

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