Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre Repair Services

Our professional Fibreglass repair services will leave your damaged parts looking as good as new.

Lotus Elise roof repair

Lotus Elise roof repair with replacement of threaded fasteners after the original bolts were seiezed. 

GRP Sea Kayak hull re-surfacing

Gel-coat Re-surfacing of a sea kayak hull.

Lamborghini Diablo

This genuine Lamborghini Diablo was brought to us after the bumper had separated at the joint.  The bumper was stitched back together, Gel repaired and painted.

Motorhome Repair

Thin motorhome had previous damage which was uncovered during the repair works.  We removed body filler which had been used in the previous repair and corrected the repair using fibreglass and Gel-coat.

GRP Sea Kayak hull re-surfacing

This ex-club sea kayak was repaired and resurfaced with Gel-coat.

Fibreglass Crazy Golf Dolphin

GRP repairs to a crazy golf dolphin.

Subaru WRX STi spoiler repair

This Subaru spoiler was brought to us for repair due to the original joint lines showing fractures.  The spoiler was stitched back together using GRP and prepped for painting.

Carbon Fibre Exhaust Tip Repair

Repair of a Carbon Fibre Exhaust tip.

Replacement of rotten boat hatches and GRP repair

Repair of a fibreglass sliding boat hatch with non-slip textured Gelcoat added and replacement of a rotten plywood hatch lid with a non slip fibreglass lid and repair of a sliding boat hatch lid.

Caravan GRP Repair

GRP repair to a jackknifed Swift Caravan, finished with a Gelcoat and ready for paint.

Urban Range Rover Carbon Fibre Repair

Carbon Fibre Repairs on an Urban Range Rover.

Mazda MX-5 Fibreglass Bumper Repair

Structural Repair to a cracked and torn Mazda MX-5 Bumper.

Carbon Fibre Splitter Repair

Refurbishment of a BMW M4 Carbon Fibre splitter

Carbon Fibre Splitter Repair

For more information regarding our services or if you have a project of your own you would like to discuss please contact us

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