Anson SA2 Formula 3 Race Car

The Anson SA2 Formula 3 race car was designed and developed in 1976 for use in the 1977 formula 3 series.  

Sound Composites were requested to aid in the restoration of the car by restoring or replacing all GRP parts to bring the car back to life for use on the track.

Anson SA2 Car Body

The first stage of the project was to Bring the wing mirrors back to the original style after they had been replaced at some point after the race series.  The wing mirrors were hand crafted onto the original body then body was then filled and fared beforee being sent for paint.

The final car colour was chosen for the plug to give an impression of the final product, once painted the plug was waxed and flanged and a mould was taken and polished, sealed and waxed.  The Car body was Gelled in the original Traffic Yellow colour and trimmed to sit the original chassis dimensions.

Anson SA2 Radiator Side Pods

Both the original radiator side pods were mounted on a base to be used as a plug to produce new moulds.  New radiator side pods were then manufactured for use on the car. 

Anson SA2 Front Wing and Splitter

The original Front Wing mould was refurbished and a new moulding taken for use on the car.  The original splitter had a mould produced from it in order to create spares.

Anson SA2 Assembly and fitting

The body panels where fit to the chassis and components mounted.  All fittings were tailored to the driver including the head restraints, gauge clusters, seat position, wing mirrors and lap timer; lines of sight were also checked.

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