Resin Infusion

Resin infusion is a moulding process whereby liquid resin is drawn through dry fabrics by the aid of vacuum pressure.  Our Services offer infusion processes in the conventional manner, although we are currently in the process of moving into a more environmentally friendly solution.  

The process can almost completely remove the requirement of single use materials during manufacturing and minimise waste resin during the manufacturing stage.  

Get in touch for information on how to use your existing moulds with this environmentally friendly system.

Environmentally Sound infusion using Silicon bags with Micro-Morph

Sound Composites Ltd have been collaborating with Alan Harper Composites and testing silicon bagging with the new Micro-morph System on one of our existing infusion moulds.  The new Micro-Morph from Alan Harper Composites allows the operator to control resin feed to the mould switching it on and off on demand.  
When Micro-Morph is incorporated into a silicon vacuum bag it provides a reusable easy to use closed moulding system which eliminates the requirement of single use materials as well as the extra resin all these materials hold.  It also significantly reduces set-up time as none of these materials need to be cut and prepped.  
Having used this system for a short period of time we are already seeing improvements in quality and the benefits of more efficient processing times and reductions in waste.  As we move forward we will be using this method on all our future infusion moulds and explaining the benefits of this new system to our clients.

Conventional Resin Infusion

Resin infusion is a process in which dry materials are placed within the mould and resin is drawn through by the aid of vacuum.  This allows the product to be more consistent in thickness and weight than the open moulding processes.

Sound Composites Ltd. offer mould making and manufacture services using the resin infusion process for various composites including Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass using Epoxy, Vinylester or Polyester resins.

For more information regarding our services or if you have a project of your own you would like to discuss please contact us

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