Air Cooled Drag Car 'Little Digger'

Air Cooled specialist Rawspeed’s ‘Little Digger’ has a naturally aspirated air cooled VW engine and has been running the 1/4 mile in an around the 9.67 seconds time. In order to get a little more out of the already impressive car we were asked to develop and fabricate a lightweight nosecone to help reduce drag.

‘Little Digger’ was brought to our workshop in order for us to develop the custom nosecone on the chassis in order to keep it as sleek as possible.  A plywood frame was fitted around the cars components then blocked in with foam and carved to create the basic shape.  Once the shape and fitment was correct the nose was removed, filled and faired before being painted in preparation for producing a mould.

The mould was produced from the plug and flat and polished to ensure a high quality final GRP laminate that little to no filling and fairing which could have increased the weight of the final part.  The nosecone was laminated in the mould without a gelcoat in order to keep weight to a minimum then trimmed and trial fit before being sent for paint and final installation. 

The below before and after pictures are courtesy of ‘The Mad Weshman’ photography.

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